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I love tasty bites

Yes, yes I do. The long and arduous trip to Trader Joes was entirely made worthwhile by the Simla Potatoes on toasted naan I had for dinner. I can't believe I ate the whole package!
Back from the road trip from Minneapolis through South Dakota, badlands, Wyoming (Why NOT Oming??? HAHA) Yellowstone, Montana, Seattle, Portland, Eugene, and home sweet home. I have to say I fell in love with the Minnesota accent, donchaknow? and the ever charming 80 foot green brontosaurus by Wall Drug, which was in fact as awesome and fascinating as it advertised..especially the 5 cent coffee.. The fact that it was staffed almost entirely of young eastern European ladies was suspiciously enigmatic, and we tried to get some answers from some disgruntled seeming chicks, but one cheerful girl told us it was a work-exchange.. The sky in Montana truly earned its title of the Big Sky state, and blew Idaho's Gaia clouds out of the water. The thunderstorms at Grand Tetons were just what I hoped to see, with just enough sun showing through, and the right amount of ominosity.

Not looking forward to going back to work--although the moolah would be good..
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