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myrtle the turtle's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
myrtle the turtle

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i say hello you say goodbye [27 Sep 2003|10:20pm]
[ mood | abject ]

I'm actually supposed to be job hunting right now, but somehow I find myself looking at friendster or reading random articles or something, anything..as long as it isn't the wallowing pit of misery that is known as job hunting. I was feeling like the quiet of the house was getting to me so I went out for a walk around the lake, to find some peace and to get away for a little while. But the loitering shadows, usually the aggressive no-good types my mom is always referring to as wolves, kept hassling me and talking at me and I was so on edge and disturbed that I practically ran home. Almost one on every block until just the sound of a leaf behind me made me twitch and glance behind me. It's the first time I really felt a tad afraid in my homey Oak-town. Sad to say.
Maybe it's just me being uber paranoid and they were all actually very friendly and simply thought that I needed some company.

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arturo bandini, i will love you if noone else will [23 Sep 2003|03:24pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Yesterday I stayed up til 2 to finish Ask the Dust and it was the first time in eons since I was moved so by a book. Ah, the power of words.

So here I am again, it's quiet in this apartment now that Jenn moved from my floor back to Sacato. Well, as quiet as it gets anyways. The job hunt today has proved fruitless and rather dry, but then again it's probably because I'm not putting my all into it. I guess I just don't WANT it enough. But I do! What am talking about? This is how my brain operates, pure confusion too much of the time. I went to the big red concentric circle store of convenience, thrift and style and am happy with my 2 pillows for 6 bucks! It helps to get out, even for a little bit.

Halloween is coming quickly, and I still haven't started on a costume--I am torn between a Saguaro cactus and a fig. In any case I need to get a bale of green felt.. Ah, what fun!

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I love tasty bites [14 Sep 2003|07:00pm]
[ mood | not really ]

Yes, yes I do. The long and arduous trip to Trader Joes was entirely made worthwhile by the Simla Potatoes on toasted naan I had for dinner. I can't believe I ate the whole package!
Back from the road trip from Minneapolis through South Dakota, badlands, Wyoming (Why NOT Oming??? HAHA) Yellowstone, Montana, Seattle, Portland, Eugene, and home sweet home. I have to say I fell in love with the Minnesota accent, donchaknow? and the ever charming 80 foot green brontosaurus by Wall Drug, which was in fact as awesome and fascinating as it advertised..especially the 5 cent coffee.. The fact that it was staffed almost entirely of young eastern European ladies was suspiciously enigmatic, and we tried to get some answers from some disgruntled seeming chicks, but one cheerful girl told us it was a work-exchange.. The sky in Montana truly earned its title of the Big Sky state, and blew Idaho's Gaia clouds out of the water. The thunderstorms at Grand Tetons were just what I hoped to see, with just enough sun showing through, and the right amount of ominosity.

Not looking forward to going back to work--although the moolah would be good..

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Ho ho hum hum [23 Aug 2003|11:20pm]
Well it's been a while since I last wrote, so to update a tinch, I did not get the job at Arizmendi, but as I've been told perhaps the folks working there are indeed as square and crunchy as their peanut brittle..or something of the like. But things aren't so bad, I have this internship at Stillwater Sci with my good sis and I have a job lined up at Sconehenge..and best of all, I finally got a plane ticket to go on this rad road trip with Jenn and Vishal from Minneapolis back home, through Badlands, Yellowstone, Glacier, Seattle, Portland, and everything in between. I love road trips. They make everything worthwhile.

Today's excursion was to see a bunch of country rockers and chili afficionados at thee (not to be confused with THE) Parkside, which was muy interesante though I did feel rather young for once in a long while.

All right, well that is all for now...
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[18 Aug 2003|02:33pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

My anxiety is slowly turning into boredom as my Monday turns. Good news that I am still in the cards at Arizmendi, thank the lord, but I just have to wait some more to find out if I'm in for the Big Interview. Then Sconehenge called (I can't say the name without picturing the ridiculously NOT epic recreation of the ruins in Spinal Tap...) and I am going to meet the Woman on Saturday! Oh la. and tomorrow will my first day of work in a long time, even though it really is just a three week internship. and I'll be working with my sister. But it will be good times I hope! My mom came by to use the sewing machine I promoted from her, to make viking pants for Rudolf. Man those were big pants. We chatted a lot about life in general and came up with the idea that perhaps it would be a good thing to move to Oregon next year. Still, that is far away. But not too far to not dream about it.

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[06 Aug 2003|07:55am]
[ mood | awake ]

I woke up this morning even before I thought the recycling would wrangle me out of bed at 7:30..this must be the remnant of getting up yesterday at 4:30 for my 5:30 shift yesterday--but that was much better than the kids who had to get there at 4:30! But surprisingly it really wasn't all that hard to get up--I'm guessing going to bed at 9 helped, HA! Indeed, I'd never left a workplace feeling so happy than I did yesterday, after learning how to roll dough and make knots, spin pizza dough, making "sweet sallys". I hope today will be good too.

Took a fine excursion with WishyWishy yesterday as well, to see the Chagall exhibit at the Moma, which did not happen, but allowed us to do other things, like check out the cartoon museum, the Yerba Buena center fot the arts, 49 geary and then hike up to the top of Telegraph Hill, whew! Some of the houses up there were very splendid! ..and what a view--we could see all three bridges around SF. The fog added to the spectacularity, if that is such a word. Spent too much time in a random, and I mean RANDOM record store in north beach, where all LPs are 5 bucks, but man do you have to work for what you want.

I should stop and get dressed now! Why does time fly like this when I'm online????

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[04 Aug 2003|06:39pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Feeling rather anxious because tomorrow is my first day of work at the bakery and it could be a turning point in my life..I've always had this fantasy of opening a bakery of my own in some small town, serving chocolate rugulachs and freshly baked macaroons..I think it will be good. Yes. On a separate note altogether I have restored faith in the kindness of the average person. Well, after buying two 3x4 pegboards at the hardware store I discovered that pegboard is nothing to sneeze at, and much more importantly, very difficult to manuever in your moderate sized bike basket. I'd finally gotten the darn things balanced on my basket and was trying to figure out how safe it would be to ride while holding them up with one hand and looking forward through the tiny pegholes, when this fine gentleman pulls up in a pickup truck and shakes his head at me. Next thing I know, he's giving me a ride home, and I am the happiest kid on the block. Props to the man named Josh who lives somewhere on 38th st...I remember why I want to drive a pickup truck.

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I love little baby ducks... [02 Aug 2003|12:26am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So SO SO Happy! I got the job at Arizmendi and it made my life so much more worthwhile!!! Just got back from celebrating at Mallard and the Totsy, and though the vibes weren't exactly what we were looking for it was good. Aah, life is looking up now. I hope this turns out to be what I would like it too..but then again, this is just the first hurdle! Happy happy joy joy! I'll tell Copy Central to go eat a bowl of dicks tomorrow after a good sleepin in...I feel a little bad after the training I went through and how friendly everyone's been, but they've got to expect it for 7.50!

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[01 Aug 2003|09:04am]
Not exactly looking forward to work today. You know, shuffling papers and velo-binding isn't all it's made out to be. But at least I'll be going into Berk-town and won't feel so isolated. Not that there's anything wrong with this part of town, I mean the lake can be beautiful with the lights reflecting and the buildings wavering in the water. and the sunset two days ago made up for the whole week. But sometimes it gets too quiet.
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Just dial Doctorb. The B is for Bargain! [28 Jul 2003|11:24pm]
Not too much going on. Went for a lovely hike on the fire trail in Berkeley today..Just the excersize I needed to burn off that milkshake from Nation's last nite..bleh! So good, but so bad! Still no luck on the job frontier, but looking on. No word from the bakery either (sniff)..I have to call tomorrow again, and I hope the news is good. Fingers crossed...Good news--road trip to Minneapolis is in view for September..Well actually from MN back to the bay area. But equally exhilerating, no?
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Copy Central here I come [23 Jul 2003|04:41pm]
Ugh. Well I've given it much thought and a lame job is better than NO job in that at least I'll have some moolah coming in. But man, once I find anything better, or if I land that job at Arizmendi then I'm dropping CC like an ugly baby (no offense).. here goes!
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This falllll [23 Jul 2003|10:53am]
[ mood | creative ]

Hey, just got wind of the Destijl/Freedom From festival in Minneapolis this October, and I really want to go...It would be rad to take a road trip out there but with all the employment turmoil everyone--including myself! is going through, who knows who'll have the time to take off. But it would be a good reason to go nonetheless. My project of the day today is going to be finishing this pillowcase apron I started last nite with Jenn, well, she made a cute pillowcase skirt, which isn't as complicated but possibly more cute.

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[22 Jul 2003|10:51am]
[ mood | calm ]

New to all this livejournalling, soon I'll have a picture up and get my page all gussied up.

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