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arturo bandini, i will love you if noone else will

Yesterday I stayed up til 2 to finish Ask the Dust and it was the first time in eons since I was moved so by a book. Ah, the power of words.

So here I am again, it's quiet in this apartment now that Jenn moved from my floor back to Sacato. Well, as quiet as it gets anyways. The job hunt today has proved fruitless and rather dry, but then again it's probably because I'm not putting my all into it. I guess I just don't WANT it enough. But I do! What am talking about? This is how my brain operates, pure confusion too much of the time. I went to the big red concentric circle store of convenience, thrift and style and am happy with my 2 pillows for 6 bucks! It helps to get out, even for a little bit.

Halloween is coming quickly, and I still haven't started on a costume--I am torn between a Saguaro cactus and a fig. In any case I need to get a bale of green felt.. Ah, what fun!
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