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i say hello you say goodbye

I'm actually supposed to be job hunting right now, but somehow I find myself looking at friendster or reading random articles or something, long as it isn't the wallowing pit of misery that is known as job hunting. I was feeling like the quiet of the house was getting to me so I went out for a walk around the lake, to find some peace and to get away for a little while. But the loitering shadows, usually the aggressive no-good types my mom is always referring to as wolves, kept hassling me and talking at me and I was so on edge and disturbed that I practically ran home. Almost one on every block until just the sound of a leaf behind me made me twitch and glance behind me. It's the first time I really felt a tad afraid in my homey Oak-town. Sad to say.
Maybe it's just me being uber paranoid and they were all actually very friendly and simply thought that I needed some company.
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